Lineros & Cia.
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The team is lead by Mr. Pablo Lineros Moreno, lawyer, graduated with distinction of the Universidad Central de Chile, Master on Intellectual Property of the Universidad de Alicante, Spain and post graduated on the new Chilean criminal proceeding at the  Universidad Católica de Chile.

With more than 14 years of experience, Pablo Lineros worked at the local Patent and Trademark Office (INAPI), as well as at the Trademark and Domain Name Department of the Multinational Spanish Consultancy Clarke Modet & Co. in Chile, becoming director of such Department. During this period, until the date he left said company with the aim to run its own Firm, he successfully advised and represented both local and foreign clients, companies and individuals, belonging to the widest variety of industries, such as, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, automotive, professional services, agriculture and financial services.

Pablo Lineros has attended different training courses, participated as a speaker and developed his professional activity in Argentina, Germany, France, Israel, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and United States. In Chile, he has participated as lecturer and speaker at the International Studies Institute and at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Sciences of the Universidad de Chile, at the Chilean Diplomatic Academy, at the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and in different seminars orientated to a wide range of industrial areas. Therein he has referred to a variety of topics, such as, Introduction to the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, Trademark Strategies, Legal Framework of Pharmaceutical Patents in Chile, The Country Brand, Implementation of the Chile-U.S.A. FTA Intellectual Property Provisions, Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin and the Current Status of the Chilean Intellectual Property Legal Framework according to the International Agreements in force, among others.

He is author of the thesis “The Harmonization Protocol in the Mercosur; basis for the establishment of a community trademark system”, has published articles, given interviews to media, and performed different studies and consultancies in the field.