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ACHIPI ACHIPI constitutes a Trademark Committee with the purpose of revising the new Guidelines for Trademark Exam, recently published by the Chilean PTO.

On September 14 th., a Trademark Committee has been set forth constituted by the Chilean Intellectual Property Association (ACHIPI) which is integrated by representative members of said Association. The object of the Committee is to revise the new Guidelines for Trademark Exam published by the Chilean PTO, that entered into force as from September 1st., in order to verify its accordance to the IP Law 19.039, its modifications and Regulations.

The Guidelines aims to facilitate the trademark registration procedure and make public the criteria applied by the Authority, not only concerning the Law but also regarding its Regulations, in both formal and substantive aspects that serve as a basis for issuance of its decisions. The final purpose of said Guidelines is to disclose such criteria and grant the general public greater legal certainty.

The Committee will have to issue its respective report within the next 90 days as from its constitution with its opinions and conclusions. The estimated date for its release is mid December.